CLARO Clear Diamond Vodka, 5x distilled from corn, filtered and bottled for a clean, crisp taste as bracing as our high desert air.

80 proof/40% ABV.


GINEBRA Southwestern Dry Gin is distilled with our unique botanical blend to gently infuse the spirit with essences of juniper, pinon and other high desert and bosque botanicals. It's the Land of Enchantment in a bottle!

80 proof/40% ABV.

ENEBRO Juniper Liqueur, made from our GINEBRA recipe but sweetened for sipping, on the rocks, or enjoyed with your favorite mixer for a more intimate experience of high desert botanicals. Coming soon.

75 proof/37.5% ABV.

MELOSO, Amarillo or Rosa, is GINEBRA barrel aged to marry the gin botanicals with the mellowing influence of oak via used bourbon or wine barrels. When gin and whiskey meet this is their love child. Coming soon.

80 proof/40% ABV.


LUNA Blue Corn Moonshine Whiskey begins with roasted New Mexico blue corn which we mash and ferment on site then double distill in our Hoga Still from Spain. Taste New Mexico Blue in a whole new way! In development.

100 proof/50% ABV.

NINA Baby Blue Corn Bourbon is LUNA placed in small, charred new American oak barrels then aged in our bosque rickhouse for 6-12 months. The wood and our unique microclimate work their magic on this unique take on America's native spirit. In development.

90 proof/45% ABV.

PACANA Pecan Flavored Whiskey. In development.

86 proof/43% ABV.

PINON Flavored Whiskey. In development.

86 proof/43% ABV.

MIEL Honey Flavored Whiskey. In development.

86 proof/43% ABV.